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401(k) Plans

We’re in the 401(k) Business for Your Business

Your 401(k) plan may be among the most important benefits your employees receive. It also may be among the most complex benefits you offer. In a tightly regulated and increasingly litigious environment, you want to get this one right – for you as a plan fiduciary, and for your employees as plan participants.

Serving 401(k) plans since 2001, Shoreline Asset Management has the seasoned experience to have seen what works – and what doesn’t – in this critical field. We’ve not only kept up with the latest solutions, we’ve often led the way. For example, Shoreline’s 401(k) plans have always emphasized transparent fee disclosures and responsible investment selections. We’ve done it that way all along, not because anyone required us to do so, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Today, we partner with like-minded Investment Managers and Qualified Custodians to form a relationship that provides the tools, process and standards to guide you through a prudent process based on the global fiduciary standards of excellence established by the Foundation for Fiduciary Studies.

Advisor-managed portfolios from an independent, fee-only fiduciary advisor

As a key decision-maker for your 401(k) plan, you undoubtedly receive frequent solicitations. But take a closer look, and they all tend to be the same package, different wrapper. Your participants don’t need more choice, they need more help. Instead of being forced to build their own portfolio from an extensive list, the vast majority would welcome help from a conflict-free advisor who has only their best interests in mind.

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