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Disciplined Investing

“Hope is not an investment strategy.” – Financial Author Larry E. Swedroe

Deep down, you already know it: Investing does not have to be so complicated.

At Shoreline Asset Management, we help you ignore costly distractions and equip you to pursue your financial goals. Simple and elegant, we apply the science of investing to the practical steps of participating in capital markets, sensibly and according to your goals and circumstances.

Step One: Setting your long-term investment objectives

Considering the long-term nature of successful investing, we begin by discussing your financial values and goals, as well as your willingness, ability and need to take on market risk in exchange for its expected rewards.

Step Two: Planning your asset allocation

According to your personal circumstances, we prescribe a suitable asset allocation plan, dividing your investments among the market’s various components of expected risks and rewards. We document your plan in a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

Step Three: Implementing with the science of investing

Plan in place, we build your portfolio according to your customized IPS. We also heed the science of investing, i.e., the overwhelming body of academic evidence on how our capital markets grow. We use securities and funds that best complement your disciplined investment strategy.

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