Come to the Shoreline, Where Different Is Good

We Believe

At Shoreline, we believe in the value of caring for others in our community, each according to our capacities. For us, that translates to combining our personal insights with business and financial know-how. Together and in alliance with our broader team, we help our clients position their assets to address their own life’s challenges, and seize their own opportunities.

The BAM Alliance from The BAM ALLIANCE on Vimeo.

We hope you’ll explore Shoreline Asset Management’s services, structure and resources for administering your personal and professional wealth. These describe “What” we do, and it’s important that they’re done right. But let’s begin with our overarching “Why?” Why have we created Shoreline Asset Management the way that we have?

Co-owners, Marion E. “Bud” Shore and Jay Bumbalough each have stories to relate about their individual experiences and how they led to Shoreline’s collective interest in community service. Bud is a fourth-generation Hoosier, life-saver and cancer survivor. Jay is grounded in the values he learned working in his father’s regional moving company. We invite you to read our co-owners’ stories, to learn more about why we do what we do.