Come to the Shoreline, Where Different Is Good

Wealth Management

The Shoreline Bottom Line

After all the number-crunching (we are bean-counters, after all), your wealth should be a source of joy in your life. It should free, not entangle the time you’ve got to spend doing what you love.

At Shoreline Asset Management, we’ve created a fresh Wealth Management solution designed for that purpose. With clear structure and caring service, we help you identify and simplify financial complexities across the facets of your wealth:

Enhancing Wealth

To enjoy your wealth, you first must acquire it and take suitable steps to preserve it. That’s where wise investing comes in. For individual investors and retirement plans alike, we apply an evidence-based investment strategy, advised according to YOUR highest interests, and managed based on YOUR goals, dreams and risk tolerances. Forget about what everyone else is fussing over. Invest deliberately, in a way that makes the most sense for you and your needs.

Protecting Wealth

Protecting wealth (risk management) is about preparing for the uncertainties that could otherwise derail your best-laid life and legacy plans. Our approach to wealth protection is thoughtful and highly individualized. We go deep, beyond the surface concerns of a typical insurance transaction, exploring the expanded roles that risk management can play within advanced planning activities such as minimizing taxable outcomes, sheltering against legal action, enhancing business continuation plans and supporting legacy goals.

Transferring Wealth (Estate Planning)

For many of us, leaving a legacy is one of our most important life goals. And yet research tells us that only about a third of wealth transfers actually play out as desired. Meaningful communication is vital to success. Shoreline helps you ensure that your estate planning is well prepared and clearly defined. We also offer guidance on the critical, but often missing link: tending to the family dynamics involved in a successful multigenerational wealth transition.

Philanthropic Planning

There are many considerations to integrating your philanthropic goals into your wealth strategy. Ongoing legislative reform, personal interests and various investment opportunities may afford existing and new opportunities for optimizing your charitable giving. As part of our partnership, we carefully integrate your philanthropic goals into your personal and tax-planning strategies.