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“Hope is not an investment strategy.”

— Larry E. Swedroe, Financial Author

Investing with Shoreline

At Shoreline Asset Management, we help you ignore costly distractions and equip you to pursue your financial goals. We apply the science of investing to the practical steps of participating in capital markets—and further tailor your portfolio to your goals, risk tolerance and circumstances.

What’s Involved in Building Your Portfolio?

Setting Your Long-Term Investment Objectives

Given the long-term nature of successful investing, we begin by discussing the goals you have for the future as well as your financial values. We’ll also talk through your willingness, ability and need to take on market risk in exchange for its expected rewards.

Planning Your Asset Allocation

Based on your personal situation, we’ll prescribe a suitable asset allocation plan that meets your needs for expected risks and rewards. This plan will be documented in a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

Implementing With the Science of Investing

We’ll build your portfolio according to your customized IPS, using securities and funds that best complement your strategy. In constructing your portfolio, we adhere to the science of investing by following the overwhelming body of academic evidence concerning how our capital markets grow.

As We Construct and Manage Your Portfolio, We Will...

Use high-quality, fixed income securities along with mutual funds

Adopt a passive, evidence-based investment approach

Focus on tax efficiency

Consider portfolio costs

Want a More In-Depth Look at Our Investment Approach?

Download Our Investment Methodology White Paper

Discover How We Organize & Optimize Your Financial Life

Creating a strategic investment portfolio is one thing—but putting into the context of your overall wealth strategy is another. We work with our clients to see that every part of their finances lines up with their overarching dreams and goals.

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