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Creating a Purposeful Wealth Strategy 
Tailored to Your Life Goals

The 3 Tenets of How We Plan

Your wealth should be a source of stability that frees you to enjoy and focus on your life, rather than create stress. We work to simplify your finances through highly attentive service and strategic guidance:


The success of your plan is all in the design. Clarifying your life aspirations and financial goals is where we’ll begin. Then, we’ll design a plan intricately customized to your goals.


When building your investment portfolio, we apply academic research and financial science. Our goal is to give you the highest likelihood of meeting your goals with the least amount of risk.


Over the years, we help you remain on a path to live out your most important goals by offering perspective, expertise and ongoing guidance.

Your Plan Will Consider Every Element of Your Financial Life


Guided by our evidence-based investment strategy, we invest deliberately and according to your best interest, your dreams, and your tolerance and need for risk.


Protecting wealth, also known as managing risk, is about preparing for unexpected events that could derail your financial future and legacy plan. With insurance experts on our team, we can analyze your current insurance policies and any that may be recommended to you with an unbiased view, as we do not sell insurance products. We will also consider how specific insurance products may be appropriate for you when they mitigate risk and enhance your overall financial plan.


Many of our clients have wishes to leave a legacy and help their kids and grandkids get off on the right foot. However, research shows most wealth transfers don’t play out as desired. We’re committed to changing that by facilitating meaningful communication and thoughtful planning. We work closely with you, your estate planner, and most importantly, your family, to help ensure a successful wealth transfer.


A key advantage of partnering with Shoreline is the fact that we have certified public accountants on our team. We consider every aspect of your financial plan through a tax lens. This means we identify proactive ways to help you keep more of your hard-earned money and can prepare your taxes in accordance with your overall financial strategy.


Many of the individuals and families we work with desire to support specific causes and organizations that are important to them. As part of our partnership, we carefully integrate your philanthropic wishes with your financial plan, always through a tax-efficient mindset.

Caring for Every Area Where Your Life and Wealth Meet

Under one roof, we have certified public accountants, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and certified insurance experts that look at your entire financial picture.

As an independent firm, there are no layers of management or phone mazes to get lost in when you need to speak with us. So while we have the capabilities of a larger wirehouse, working with us is a much more personalized experience.

We’re guided by a desire to serve our clients as they find the happiness and peace of mind they deserve, and we cherish the deep-rooted friendships built with our clients over the years.

What Are Your Biggest Financial Challenges and Goals?

Let’s see how we can help you make the right financial decisions and develop a plan forward. If you have a couple of questions or would like to explore working with us, reach out to talk with our team.

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